Blueprint Paper - Personalized Door Hanger

Created to look like blueprint paper with hand-lettered text, this custom door hanger is a perfect "addition" to the home or office.

Choose either a blue or white background.

Note: Pens not included.

Our Design...Your Text!
Made of durable, scratch-resistant plastic.
Printed in full color on both sides.
Measures 4" x 9."

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Created to look like blueprint paper with hand-lettered text, this custom door hanger is a perfect "addition" to the home or office.

"Drafting" one is easy! First, choose either blue or white background paper. Next, we will personalize your hanger with the text you specify or feel free to leave any of the text fields and use dry erase pens (not included) for ultimate flexibility!

Note: Pens not included.

Printed in full color on both sides, we will customize your door hanger with text you provide.

  • Made of durable, scratch-resistant plastic.
  • Measures 4" x 9".
  • Easy to clean. Gloss finish.
  • Every hanger is individually designed and made to order. Please allow 7-10 business days for production.
  • Can be used as a whiteboard with either wet or dry erase markers.
  • Foreign language text is welcomed (customer provided).
  • Fits most door knobs and lever style handles. Can be hung and viewed through exterior facing glass doors or windows with use of a plastic suction cup.

We take the information you provide to create a one-of-a-kind, personal statement announcing whether you are available, not to be disturbed, in session, etc. Add your name, title, phone number, business name or hours of operation, personal greeting, even a short tagline. Feel free to leave any text area(s) blank.

Please double-check spelling, punctuation, phone numbers, dates, etc. We cannot be responsible for customer errors.

Perfect for mental health therapists, school counselors, interns, clergy, massage therapists, non-profit, private and governmental agencies, educational institutions, graduates, residential institutions, clergy, spas, medical and professional offices, classrooms, exam rooms, bed & breakfast inns.

On the home front, our door hangers are welcomed additions to home offices, sewing, craft or bedrooms. New parents will appreciate the "extra help" for quiet entry when their infant is asleep. Alert visitors to “not let the pet out” or in the spirit of aloha…to “please remove shoes before entering.”

Every door hanger is designed and made to order in our studio- not on an automated production line! The actual layout or colors of your door hanger may vary slightly from those shown. This is due to variations in monitors as well accommodating the text you choose. In order to ensure it looks great, we may give things a little nudge here and there!

Embrace your Hang-Ups!